Nanto city bus Johana-Inami line

Inami Woodcarving Bus (Operating Daily) 
※Minor stops not shown April 2018-March 2019

nami Woodcaving Bus.pdf

  ENG inami woodcaving bus.jpg     

World Heritage Bus 

Takaoka Sta. ⇔ The Historic Villages of Gokayama & Shirakawa-go

World Heritage Bus pdf 

 world heritage bus.jpg  

Nanto-Kanazawa line 

Inami~Fukumitsu Sta.~Kanazawa Sta. West Exit

 Nanto-Kanazawa line bus route pdf     Nanto-Kanazawa line bus schedule

 Nanto-Kanazaw line bus route.jpgNanto-kanazawa line bus schedule.jpg 


Inami Walking Map 

Wander through old streets in Japan's best wood carving town

inami walking map.pdf                           inami town map .pdf

inami walking map.jpg inami town map.jpg 


Johana Walking Map 

Exploring Johana, Etchu's Little Kyoto 

johana walking map .pdf                         johana town map.pdf  

johana town map.jpg 20180330135759368_0002.jpg


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