World Heritage Suganuma Gasshodukuri Village

World Heritage Suganuma Gasshodukuri Village

Scenery preserved as it was of old, a world cultural heritage.


Suganuma, Nanto,Toyama



Business Hours



Year's end and New Year holidays

Car park

World Heritage Preservation Fund (Parking Fee) - Large Buses: ¥3,000. Medium size Buses: ¥2,000. Standard and Compact Cars: ¥500

Right about in the center of Old Tairamura, where the flow of the Shogawa river changes direction, this little village spreads out on the right bank.  The 9 Gasshozukuri buildings, earthen storehouses, Itakura and other historic structures, along with hayfields and snow-barrier forests, have all been designated as official historic sites.  Thus the whole village, rather than having been turned into a tourist site, maintains its original charm.  You'll feel like you must have been mysteriously swept back in time several hundred years.  Taking a broad view of the village from the Nanto World Heritage Suganuma Gasshozukuri Village Observation Area, the simple, unadorned view is sure to give your heart some extra room to breathe.  And of course you can learn a few things about Gokayama's history and traditions by visiting sites such as the Ensho no Yakata (Gunpowder Musiam) and Gokayama Minzoku Kan (Folk Center) that tell tales of the Edo period's principle industries.

Nationally Designated Historic Site, since December 4, 1970, Taira region.
Important Traditional Building Preservation Area, since December 21, 1994.
World Cultural Heritage, since December 9, 1995.

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