Angoji Temple

Angoji Temple

Over 1200 years of history.


4941 Yasui,Nanto,Toyama



Business Hours

8:00 - 17:00

Car park


In the 2nd year of the Yoro era (718 C.E.), Angoji temple was founded by Shingon Buddhist Patriarch Zenmui Sanzo, who was visiting from India.  In the Nara period, it served as Emperor Shomu's temple, as well as that of the Kaga Domain in the Edo period, and is thus the home of many treasured items.  Notable among these is the standing statue Mikae Amidanyorai, "The Staring Amida Tathagata".  The most prized possession of the temple is a wooden statue of Kanon Bodhisattva from the early Heian period (designated important cultural asset), which can be seen at its unveiling once every year on October 18th.

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