Picturesque Kimono Tour of the Shogawa Gorge & woodcarving town Inami

【Departure Dates: July 15, 2018 - March 31, 2019 Daily】 (Except: Monday., Dec29,30,31, Jan 1,2,3)

 ●Halfday tour(4hrs)       ●Reservation 3days in advance  




  Departure dates
  July 15, 2018 - March 31, 2019 Daily
【Unavailable: Monday., Dec29,30,31, Jan 1,2,3】

  Group Size
  2-10 persons
(minimum: 2people) *Adults only*
  Meeting place
  Inami Kotsu Hiroba "Tourist Information Center"
  *for per person / tax included
  ▼Yukata(summer kimono)    July 15 - Sep 9
  Weekends &holidays: 7,200 yen   Weekdays: 7,800 yen
  ▼Kimono     Sep 10 - March 31
  Weekends &holidays: 7,700 yen   Weekdays: 8,300 yen

  【Included services: Kimono rental(4hrs),lunch,Shogawa River Cruise,transportation either on the Inami-Shogawa】 



Don a kimono and embark on a half-day tour feturing Toyama's seasonal scenery,old-fashioned townscape, and traditional foods. Take in the dazzling beauty of nature on the scenic Shogawa River Pleasure Cruise, stroll through the 600-year-old woodcarving town of Inami, and savor the flavors of local specialty foods. You won't find a picturesque kimono tour like this anywhere else!


sub_shogawa cruise1_1.jpg

Enjoy the seasonal scenery of Shogawa River Pleasure Cruise!

25 mins River Cruise provide you with the dazzling beauty of nature of the Shogawa Gorge. The cruise allows you to admire the scenery of each changing season. Autumn leaves and white snow season are so picturesque. Take unforgettable photos of you with kimono.




Japan's greatest woodcarving town  Inami

Built around Zuisenji Temple about 600 years ago, this town is home to approximately 200 of Japan's finest woodcarvers. Woodcarving workshops line the streets, and even the public phone booths and bus stops feature Inami woodcarving. The unique townscape is perfect for taking momorable photographs.




Lunch of the local style cuisine

Savor the flavors of local speciality foods in the traditional Japanese restaurant. Enjoy the lunch wearing kimono at a very Japanese style!









Tour Itinerary                                                                          ・・・Walk   ==== Bus   +++Cruise

【START 11:10AM】Meet at Inami Kotsu Hiroba Tourist Information Center ・・・・ Change into kimono ・・・・ Lunch at traditional Japanese restaurant  (20min) ====  Sightseeing cruise on Shogawa River  (25min)++++    (20min) ==== Stroll through the woodcarving town of Inami  ・・・・  Change out of kimono and head back to the Information Center【END 3:00PM】

Meal:Lunch included


●【Start & End time of the tour in winter】Due to changes in the Shogawa River Cruise schedule during winter,the tour will take place from 11:10AM - 3:30PM from December 1 through January 31.Other changes to the Shogawa River Cruise time may also affect the tour schedule ● Transportation will be provided by public bus(Inami-Shogawa shuttle)on weekends and holidays, and by taxi on weekdays. The tour is not accompanied by a guide or interpreter. An explanation of the tour will be provided in English at the beginning of the tour ●We recommend bring the extra layer to wear under the kimono during the cold winter months(November through March) ●Optional hair styling is available for an additional 1,500 yen

 ▶▶▶ For further information, Click here to see the tour brochure (English)

 ▶▶▶ 詳細請參(中文)



◆◆◆ How to access to the "INAMI KOTSU HIROBA"(Meeting place) ◆◆◆

Buses run to "INAMI KOTSU HIROBA" from JR Kanazawa Sta., JR Johana Sta. and  Mizukinen Koen(near hoteles at Shogawa hot springs). See the following public transportation schedules for more information. "The World Heritage Bus is available from JR Johana Sta. to Gokayama/Shirakawago and Takaoka/Shintakaoka. 

 ▶▶▶ Click here to see the access information



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◎If you have some inquiries or cunsults about the tour(e.g. a request for the child's perticipation or the change of the time etc.), please send a e-mail to [].