Our COVID-19 Policy

Stay safe and have fun while you enjoy Nanto!


Our organization follows the Japan Association of Travel Agents’ Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 when planning and implementing all tours and activities. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and help us as we work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 



What we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

➀Chaperones, tour guides, and bus drivers are required to monitor their physical health and wear masks on tour and event days.
➁All transportation, lodging, sightseeing, and dining facilities included in our packages are checked to ensure that they perform basic COVID-19 prevention measures.
③Guests are expected to participate in events only if they feel well. Consider rescheduling your experience if you feel ill.
④Guests are recommended to bring masks, sanitizing wipes, and personal hand sanitizer to protect themselves from COVID-19.



What we ask of our guests:

*Check your body temperature.
*Please wear a mask when requested.
*Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your hands and fingers.
*Wash your hands.
*Notify staff if you are feeling unwell.
*Do not participate in an event if you have any of the following symptoms. If you or any members of your party exhibit any (at least one) of the following, you and your party will not be allowed to participate in any events.
➁Sore throat.
③Sensory abnormalities such as an inability to smell or taste.
④Furthermore, you and your party will not be allowed to participate if any of you have been ordered to stay at home by a Public Health Center or other public health organization.