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Gokayama Gassho-style Village and Japanese Snack Making Course

[Depart for a day trip from Kanazawa Station]
You will feel as though you have time traveled to somewhere from a folk tale as you enjoy the rustic scenery of the World Heritage Gokayama Gassho-style Villages. Moving on to Johana, the town known as “Etchu’s Little Kyoto,” you will head to a Japanese snack shop that has been passed down through the generations and make your own Japanese snacks using the shop’s traditional wooden snack molds. Through this trip you will genuinely experience the soul of Japanese culture.

Gokayama Gassho-style Village and Japanese Snack Making Course

8:20 AM  Kanazawa Station West Exit
 ▼Nanto-Kanazawa Bus

9:21 AM  Johana Station

 ▼15 minute walk
Ⅰ.Johana Hikiyama Museum (40 min)

At the Hikiyama Museum, you can see the actual iori-yatai (a float with people singing in it) and hikiyama floats used in the festival whenever you visit. There is also video of the festival always playing to give visitors an idea of what it is like to attend. Click Here For More Info!


10:32 AM Johana Hikiyama Museum Bus Stop
  World Heritage Bus
10:53 AM Ainokura-guchi Bus Stop or 11:08 AM Suganuma Bus Stop

Ⅱ.Gokayama Gassho-style Village (70 to 110 min)
●The Ainokura Gassho-style Village
Ainokura is a village steeped in the history of the region with its various gassho-style houses, including a primitive house and thatched roof temple among other sights. At the same time, people still live here on a daily basis, making it a rare “Living World Heritage.” Click Here For More Info!


●The Suganuma Gassho-style Village

Suganuma is a beautiful and quiet village of gassho-style thatced roof houses that was built between the end of the Edo period and the start of the Meiji period. Here, one can see beautiful scenery unique to each season. Click Here For More Info!


12:30 PM Ainokura or 12:16 PM Suganuma
 World Heritage Bus
12:51 PM Johana Hikiyama Museum Bus Stop
● Lunch in Johana
  More info about restaurants in Johana is available here
  More info about shopping in Johana is available here
Ⅲ.Japanese Snack Making (60 min)

Tamura Manseido is a long standing Japanese snack shop that has been in business since the Kansei Era. It keeps a display of valuable wooden molds that customers can use in a tea ceremony or when they try making their very own Japanese snacks. In the wooden mold display building, there are 300 delicate exhibitions one could call works of art; depending on the shop owner, visitors may also get a chance to hear a short story about them. By trying this snack making workshop, you will steep yourself in the Buddhist atmosphere of Johana, “Etchu’s Little Kyoto,” and experience firsthand the tea culture here that was supported by the Kaga Maeda Clan.








 15 minute walk

4:30 PM Johana Station
 Nanto-Kanazawa Bus
5:35 PM Kanazawa Station