Licensed Tour Guide Interpreters

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Licensed Guide Interpreters

Inquiries about regional tour guide interpreters must be made through the Nanto City Tourism Association’s website.



We will respond to inquiries and requests in the order they are received.
・We do not accept requests for a specific guide.
・After checking the guide’s availability, we will provide them with the customer’s contact information.
・Specific discussions about the price, time, and duration of the tour should be held between the guide and the customer.



Licensed Interpreter-guide


Nakadai Miyako

License Type: Toyama Prefecture Licensed Guide Interpreter
Language: English
Regions: Nanto and all of Toyama Prefecture
Specialties: Local culture, traditional crafts, and food

Hello, I’m Miyako, a licensed English guide interpreter of Toyama Prefecture. I have worked in tourism for many years and traveled abroad many times.
I eventually ended up in Toyama and fell in love with the region. My town, Nanto, and its surroundings have so much to offer, such as nature, crafts, food, sake, and more! I would love to show you the best places that are off the beaten path, connect you with locals, and give you an authentic experience of the way of life here in the countryside.


Shinojima Yukino

License Type: Toyama Prefecture Licensed Guide Interpreter
Language: English
Region: Nanto City, especially the town of Inami

Hello, thank you for considering a trip to Nanto! I’m Yukino!
I love to talk about the culture of rural Japan. The lifestyle in Nanto is quite different from Tokyo and other large cities. We plant rice in spring, hold traditional festivals in autumn and summer, and it snows a lot in winter. I would like to take you to places that tourists do not usually go to by themselves and introduce you to real traditional Japanese culture.


Nakashima Hitoshi

License Type: Toyama Prefecture Licensed Guide Interpreter
Language: English
Region: Nanto City, Ainokura (The World Heritage Site)

Hello! I am a resident of the Ainokura Gassho-style Village, which is designated as a world heritage site.
There are many charming sights in Ainokura that can only be found here, and I would like to show you them.
I’m looking forward to showing you around Ainokura!